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How tall is Peter Griffin?

How tall is Peter Griffin? Find that answer and many others about the Family Guy show.

How tall are the Griffins on family guy?

The Griffin family on Family Guy have been entertaining us for years. As fans of the show, we have come to love the characters, but have you ever wondered how tall they actually are? The patriarch of the family, Peter Griffin, stands at 5’11”. This is one of the taller family members, as the rest of the family is much shorter. His wife, Lois, is only 5’9″. Their childre Chris and Meg are 5’7″ and 5’1” respectively

How tall is Peter Griffin?

At 5’11 or thereabouts, Peter is tall. However, he does not seem to be able to take advantage of his height. He is often seen getting into trouble with his family and neighbors or stumbling over his own feet. In fact, in one episode, he is seen struggling to reach the top shelf at the grocery store!

Peter’s height does not stop him from having fun though. He loves to take part in activities such as fishing, playing video games and eating at fast food restaurants. He even has a pet dog named Brian who is also tall and lanky. So, there you have it. Peter Griffin stands at 6 feet tall. He may not be the tallest animated character out there, but he makes up for it with his hilarious antics and lovable personality.

What is Peter Griffins weight?

Peter Griffin weighs in at a hefty 250 pounds. That’s quite a bit of weight for a guy of his height and it’s a testament to his love of food and alcohol.So there you have it, the height and weight of the lovable and slightly bumbling Peter Griffin from Family Guy. While his height and weight may not be the most impressive, they are certainly enough to make him one of the most recognizable characters in the world. So, the next time you’re watching Family Guy, take a moment to appreciate the tall and hefty Peter Griffin.